Cooking Tips: Making that hard brown sugar laying in your pantry usable

We’ve all been there, people: in the middle of making a dish, when suddenly, a terrible realization dawns on us:

There’s an ingredient missing.

Or, in some cases, an ingredient has gone bad.

Or, in the case of brown sugar, it hasn’t gone bad, but it’s so hard and dry you can’t even pat it down in your measuring cup.

Well, I’ve got some news for you guys: that almost full bag of brown sugar that you bought last year for the sole purpose of making a batch of cream fudge (I’ve grown up with cream fudge… my mom’s is awesome, and it’s made in the microwave! Yet another recipe to share here eventually…) is still usable.

With the help of every student’s best friend: the microwave.

Yes, you read that right. The microwave. Along with a mug of water.

Put your block of brown sugar in a bowl and pour some water in a mug…


then put them in the microwave for a few minutes.

GetAttachment (1)

          The brown sugar will get moist from the steam of the water… and there you go! Just make sure to use it in the minutes after reheating, or else it’ll dry out again.

Almost halfway through this hectic week… chances are we won’t be posting every day, but we’ll try our best to keep this blog going… ‘later!



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