Just another Saturday afternoon…

-Hey, I feel like starting a food blog. I’m posting way too many food pictures on Facebook. Wanna join in?

-Yeah, sure, I’ll help you anyway I can! 🙂

-Cool, I’ll post recipes and stuff, you could do restaurant critics if you want?

-Sure, I could be the photographer as well!

-Alright then. likemindedfoodies.wordpress.com: does that sound right to you?


-Okay, then lemme just create you an account so you can log in and post.

…and this, people, is how this blog saw the light of day. Two friends who share the same passion for food… as well as their student-on-a-budget status.


(Charming picture from January 2014… a night filled with memories of joy and stomach aches after that hot-chocolate-and-donuts Tim Horton’s meal and the 1:00 AM plate of nachos.)

I (on the left) love trying out new recipes and Naomi (right) is an amazing photographer; as a team we’ll be joining our forces to make the best out of this blog! Next post coming up soon…



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